Sunday, 29 January 2017

Update SingaporeBDSM

We can't access our Facebook Page / SingaporeBDSM so kindly do not send message there.

Instead connect via these backup pages and blog sites:
  • 1) Facebook BDSMSIngapore (main contact / direct message page)
  • 2) Wordpress Blog SingaporeGirlBondage (now our main update page)
  • 3) Former blog pages: SGDAMSEL, SingaporeBondage (still update since still most popular links), BDSMSIngapore (to have same as FB naming convention but not as popular a Singapore Bondage)

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Monday, 4 July 2016

Sample Rope Bondage 4 min

Sample Rope Bondage.
4 minutes. Download link below. Please note our old FB SingaporeBDSM does not work, so refer to SingaporeBondage or BDSMSIngapore in Facebook.

Download sample video here.

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